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Super Shoot 1

Super Shoot 2

Induction Heat 

308 Win Markup

Pressure Curve Example

RCBS vs Lee

Accuracy Precision


The Bullets

Crimp 1

Crimp 2

Drilled Primer Pocket

Bullet Crimp Damage

Precision Mic Set

Comp FL Die Set

308 Gauge Set

Cartridge OAL

Case Gauge 2

Case Gauge 1

Rifle Bolt

Rifle No Go Gauge

Rifle No Go Bolt

Rod Through Case


Lee Shell Holders

Lee Factory Crimp 1

Lee Factory Crimp 2

Lead Sled

Witchita Rest

Free Recoil Test


Scale 1

Scale 2

Scale 3

Scale 4

Scale 5

Rifle Primer Cup Thickness

  Recoil Calc 2          Recoil Calc 1

Label Example

Chamber Lead 1

Chamber Lead 2

Chamber Lead 3

Chamber Lead 4

Chamber Lead 5

Chamber Lead 6

Chamber Lead 7

Load Books

Bullet Injector

  Brass Weight

Brass Weight 

Dipper Excel

Dipper Test 1

Dipper Test 2

Dipper Test 3

Dipper Test 4

Dipper Test 5

Dipper Test 6

Dipper Test 7

Dipper Test 8