Long ago in a far away kingdom (I think it was Chicago) there lived a little mouse. This little brown mouse was as perfect as any little mouse could expect to be.

His coat was well groomed brown fur and always bright and shiny.  He was an exquisite specimen with a perfectly shaped tail to match his perfect little mouse body. He would constantly admire himself as a result of his vanity and always carried himself well.

            One day as the little mouse was out and about he came upon some rail road tracks. Being the smart mouse that he was he remembered to stop, look and listen as he knew trains were very dangerous. He cautiously looked up and down the rails and not seeing or hearing a train approaching he scurried over the first rail to the center of the tracks whereupon he briefly stopped to groom himself as climbing over that first rail had messed up  his fur a little. Following some grooming the little mouse continued over the second rail.

            Unfortunately while the little mouse was grooming himself a freight train was fast approaching him. Just as the little mouse cleared the second rail the train was upon him and he barely escaped with his life. However, the train did manage to catch and squish just a tiny section of his tail on the rail. The little mouse was devastated and emotionally crushed. He sat for awhile beside the rail in tears looking at his now imperfect tail. Tears streamed down his face. He was no longer perfect, his vanity was shattered.

            Then suddenly as he sat crying over his loss an idea came to him. Maybe, just maybe if he could retrieve his lost little section of his tail it could be reattached. Then again he would be perfect, things could be fixed. So the little mouse climbed back up on the rail to retrieve the section of his tail.

            Well about that time along came another train and hit the little mouse squishing his head and killing him deader that a shit house rat as the saying goes.

The moral of the story: Donít lose your head over a little piece of tail!